How Much Can You Claim ?

If you have been injured in an accident in NSW you could be entitled to compensation and you need to obtain advice ASAP as strict time limits apply on the majority of  claims. Compensation could include:-
  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Direct financial compensation for any permanent injury sustained
  • Any other losses incurred as a result of the injury sustained

Compensation Lawyers
The laws, time limits and thresholds for compensation claims vary depending on the circumstances of the injury suffered and therefore Australian Injury Helpline should be consulted today regarding your individual circumstances and entitlements.

Even if you were at fault for an accident in certain circumstances you could still have entitlements to compensation.

Insurance companies are well known for attempting to settle claims for the absolute minimum amount possible and Australian Injury Helpline should be consulted prior to accepting any offer. Please note once an offer is accepted in most circumstances you lose your rights to any further compensation - so beware and contact Australian Injury Helpline today.

You deserve the best representation to ensure you receive the maximum compensation, which we can arrange through independent specialist solicitors and lawyers. Initial advice can be arranged completely FREE OF CHARGE and without obligation. Contact Australian Injury Helpline first if you have been injured in any of the following situations:

  • in a motor vehicle accident
  • in a motorcycle accident
  • in a slip & fall accident
  • in a tripping or slipping accident
  • at a shopping centre
  • at a company premises
  • at school, college or university
  • at a sports event
  • at a swimming pool
  • on a footpath or in a public place
  • through medical negligence
  • through a product malfunction
  • in any potential public liability situation

Your individual circumstances may not be outlined here as under NSW advertising restrictions we are not allowed to outline all circumstances in which an injury could have been sustained. Don’t worry one call at no charge to you and you can discover whether you are potentially entitled to compensation!

To receive the maximum damages on your Personal Injury Compensation Claim talk to the professionals at Australian Injury Helpline by filling in the Free Case Review on this page or telephoning us today on 1800 22 33 63.