How Much Can You Claim ?

Compensation Lawyers
Time is of the utmost importance when you are considering pursuing a compensation claim arising from an injury accident in Australia as a time limit will most probably apply. At Australian Injury Helpline, we can arrange for you expert legal advice so you have all the information required from a specialist independent personal injury solicitor at no charge to you so contact Australian Injury Helpline today.

We are not lawyers looking to take any percentage of your compensation. We are an independent organisation here to assist you gain free advice as to whether you could be entitled to compensation from the right legal representation.

Thousands of people are injured in accidents each week and perhaps you have been injured in such an accident. You are owed a "duty of care" in most circumstances and you could be compensated for the other party’s negligence, although if you are injured at work negligence may not be required to be proven to gain compensation. Contact Australian Injury Helpline today to arrange for free legal advice.

The laws in all the States and Territories in relation to compensation are completely different and therefore if you are injured in say Adelaide it is highly unlikely a solicitor in Melbourne would be able to assist you with a claim. We have access to top independent solicitors across the Country who will be able to provide you with an initial FREE legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances and injury.

The advice we can arrange is just what you need to know to answer all those unanswered questions you presently have. Even better the information is supplied to you without obligation from an experienced personal injury lawyer or solicitor. Contact the professionals at Australian Injury Helpline today by filling in the Free Case Review on this page or telephoning us on 1800 22 33 63 to be put into contact with the best legal representation for your case.