How Much Can You Claim ?

Compensation Lawyers
Across Australia some of the most common injuries suffered and about which we are contacted are to the back. As an example,. you may be entitled to whiplash compensation from a motor vehicle accident or back injury claim from lifting at work.

Head and Back Injury Compensation

If you sustain a head or back injury you could be entitled to compensation and you need to obtain advice ASAP as strict

time limits apply on the majority of claims. Compensation could include:-

  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Out of pocket expenses
  • Direct financial compensation for any permanent injury sustained
  • Any other losses incurred as a result of the injury sustained

The laws, time limits and thresholds for compensation claims vary depending on the circumstances of the injury suffered and therefore Australian Injury Helpline should be consulted today regarding your individual circumstances and entitlements.

Even if no one was to blame or even you were at fault for an accident at work you may still have compensation entitlements including a lump sum payout under Workers Compensation. Also in Victoria or the Northern Territory they have a non-fault motor vehicle CTP (Green slip) scheme which covers losses including potential lump sum payouts for anyone injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle.

Whiplash Injury

A whiplash type injury normally sustained in a motor vehicle accident is sometimes not evident straightaway and does not start hurting for several hours or even days.

It is recommended that treatment is sought as soon as the effects of the whiplash injury are felt. If possible, ensure that the doctor notes the reason for the whiplash injury in their medical notes.

In addition the incident must be reported to the police and the CTP insurer of the responsible party for the accident ASAP as time limits apply. Try to get a copy of the official accident report from the police.

Sometimes simply treatment such as physiotherapy will resolve the injury, however unfortunately it is not unusual for there to be permanent element to the condition.

Please follow the following link to the Motor Accident Injury section of this site for further information on Motor Vehicle Accidents.


Work-Related Back Injury

One major scenario when a back injury is suffered is a lifting type injury sustained at work. Injuries can range from a simple strain to serious disc and vertebrae damage requiring operations.

Such injuries must be reported immediately to the employer and entered into the Injury Book and treatment sought from a medical practitioner and a WorkCover Certificate obtained.

It is important that medical advice is followed and any restrictions outlined by the GP or specialist are followed including limits of weights lifted or work duties undertaken.

Please follow the following link to the Workplace Injury section of this site for further information on Workplace Accidents.


What assists you in making a public/ occupiers liability claim

As we all know insurance companies do not like paying out and the onus is upon the person claiming to prove their case. The more evidence you can provide your specialist public liability solicitor to support the claim the better, such as:

  • Photographs and diagrams of the accident location and surrounds
  • Copies of all documentation between you / the injured person and the individual, company or authority involved
  • All medical documentation available, always ask for copies of documents or x-rayed evidence of your injury
  • The contact details for all people, companies or authorities involved, including witnesses to the incident

The more information you can provide the better, the specialist public liability solicitor is never going to complain you have supplied too much evidence. To get the best results; contact Australian Injury FREE Helpline on 1800 22 33 63.