How Much Can You Claim ?

If you are injured in an accident in Australia where another party is either wholly or partially responsible for the incident occurring, the legal system allows the injured party to pursue a compensation claim. IN FACT, if you are injured either at work or in a motor vehicle accident in Victoria or Northern Territory you do not even need to prove negligence (responsibility) against another person as the fact you were injured whilst undertaking that activity is sufficient to entitle you to pursue a compensation claim. This is called a personal injury claim and you could well require the services of a specialist personal injury lawyer to pursue the compensation claim on your behalf.

Certainly if your claim is disputed or a significant injury has been sustained it is recommended that advice is immediately taken from a personal injury lawyer. In circumstances where you are required to prove negligence, issues that will be considered by the personal injury lawyer include:-

  • Was a ‘duty of care’ owed to you breached?
  • Did the company or individual you wish to pursue a claim against take reasonable steps to protect you against a foreseeable danger?

Outlined below are a few Examples of Personal Injury Claims:-

Personal Injury
  • In a workplace accident
  • in a motor vehicle accident
  • in a motorcycle accident
  • in a slip & fall accident
  • in a tripping or slipping accident
  • at a shopping centre
  • at a company premises
  • at school, college or university
  • at a sports event
  • at a swimming pool
  • on a footpath or in a public place
  • through medical negligence
  • through a product malfunction
  • in any potential public liability situation

Your individual circumstances may not be outlined here, don’t worry one call at no charge to you and you can discover whether you are potentially entitled to compensation!

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What Are Your Compensation Entitlements?

Firstly, we would advise that the majority of personal injury compensation claims pursued by specialist personal injury lawyers are settled without the need to go to Court. If liability can be established against the responsible party (defendant) then the negotiation is limited to the amount of compensation available, taking into account any State or Territory legislation introduced to limit certain aspects of claims.

If a compensation claim is successful and the vast majority of those pursued by the specialist solicitors are, any money paid by the defendant as compensation is called ‘damages’.


What Are Damages?

A Claim for Damages is divided into -

  • Compensation for economic loss (loss of earnings, medical expenses, etc) - and
  • Compensation for non-economic losses ('general damages') like pain and suffering, disfigurement, permanent impairment, etc.

Please note that insurance companies are well known for attempting to settle claims for the absolute minimum possible and once an offer is accepted, in most circumstances, you lose any entitlement to further compensation. Therefore it is extremely important that Australian Injury Helpline should be consulted prior to accepting any offer.

To ensure you receive the maximum damages on your personal injury claim talk to the professionals at Australian Injury Helpline by completing the Free Case Review on this page or telephoning 1800 22 33 63.