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Know your Work Compensation rights

The laws across Australia in relation to Work Injury Compensation or Workers Compensation entitlements vary between States and Territories across Australia. If you have been injured at work or whilst you were travelling to or from work, you may be entitled to workplace compensation.
It is a legal requirement of an employer to hold Workers Compensation insurance to cover their employees and also in certain circumstances sub-contractors. This will cover the injury regardless of who was at fault for the incident that caused the injury.
Statutory Workers Compensation benefits are often awarded for all workplace injuries, however the severity of an injury, and how an injury was caused, will impact your non-statutory Workers Compensation rights under common law. In certain States you are prevented by State law from pursuing an employer under common law (negligence) irrespective of how responsible they were for the injury occurring and in others there are thresholds (minimum severity of injury) in place to be met before you can proceed. It is therefore important to get the right advice and contact Australian Injury Helpline today for assistance.

Statutory Entitlements

The extent of the Statutory entitlements varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction but ‘as a rule’ these include:-

  • loss of earnings and weekly payments
  • Reasonable Medical Expenses
  • Reasonable Rehabilitation Expenses
  • Reasonable Funeral expenses in the event of work related fatal injury
  • Lump sum entitlements for permanent injury

Should you feel you are not be treating fairly by the insurer then contact Australian Injury Helpline today for assistance as we can arrange specialist advice without obligation. 

Compensation Lawyers
Lump Sum Compensation

If you have sustained a permanent injury you could well be entitled to a lump sum pay-out, irrespective of who was at fault for the accident occurring. If you receive such an offer or have suffered a permanent injury you really need to speak specialist advice before accepting as you could well ‘sign away’ entitlements worth tens of thousands of dollars. Urgently contact Australian Injury Helpline today for assistance as we can arrange specialist advice without obligation.  
Workplace Negligence

If your injury or accident occurred as a result of negligence, it is recommended you discuss your matter with a personal injury lawyer as you may also be entitled to claim for negligence.
Your rights and entitlements under Common Law will depend on the State or Territory in which your injury occurred.
Negligence must be proven and all circumstances surrounding the cause of injury need to be examined by a legal professional. This is simply not an area of law that a private individual knows enough about to make an informed judgement and by failing to get the correct advice you could lose out on tens of thousands of dollars in compensation.
If you feel there has been negligence by your employer and want to consider a claim under common law you should get advice ASASP. Please do telephone 1800 22 33 63 and speak to Australian Injury Helpline today for assistance as we can arrange specialist advice without obligation.   

Seek advice before you sign

It is strongly recommend that before you commit and sign any document whatsoever given to you by WorkCover or their representative you do obtain legal advice. At Australian Injury Helpline we aim to assist you. Call 1800 22 33 63 for further information and to find out if you can make a claim.
Please note there are time limits and thresholds in place and there vary State to State and please do contact Australian Injury Helpline by either telephoning 1800 22 33 63 or by completing the Free Case Review on this page.



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